KARACHI - People from all walks of life should play a role to eradicate violence against women, said Advisor to the Chief Minister Sindh Sharmila Farooqi. She was addressing a press conference with other members of the Aurat Foundation at Karachi Press Club on Friday about the launching of 6-month statistical report on the violence against women in Sindh compiled by the Aurat Foundation in collaboration with Violence Against Women Watch Group Karachi. She said that everyone had to perform their role in countering aggression against women including domestic violence. She appealed to the high-ups to take effective measures for adopting the bill of violence against women which was in pending since long. The report contains the statistical data from July to December 2009 comprising different kinds of incidents about women victims including abduction, murder, domestic violence, honour killing, rape, sexual assault, acid throwing, burning and others. According to the report, 159 women were murdered, 45 were hurt from domestic violence, 172 (including 58 men) were the victims of honour killing, 78 raped, 29 sexually assaulted, acid thrown on 4, 3 were burnt, 73 attempted murder, 84 custodial violence, 98 attempted suicide, 46 threat to violence and 78 of Vanni practices. The report also contains the FIR status of the cases. According to data collected, FIRs were registered in 508 cases while 254 cases could not be registered. The report also provides motives behind the incidents. Nusrat Sehar Abbasi, member of the Muslim League Functional, Lala Hassan of Aurat Foundation, Malka Khan and others also attended the conference.