I am a strong supporter of the PPP and has worked as a silent supporter of the party since its inception. I have seen Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto addressing huge crowd while I enthusiastically participated in their rallies. Since Mr. Zardari came to power and became the President, it was my great desire to see him addressing the public gatherings of the scale these two leaders used to hold. His arrival in Lahore was a matter of great pride for me. So on January 14, I also went to greet him outside the Governors House. To my disappointment, the entire Mall Road had been flooded with cheap banners carrying banal slogans. This reflected the poor taste of the followers of the party. The front of the Governors House looked like the ticket window of a cheap cinema house on this day. Some of the workers of the party even resorted to climbing the gate of the Governor House in order to go in. This was a disgrace. One Jiyala who had managed to climb up the gate to land on the other side victoriously addressed the crowd standing outside and shouted at the top of his voice, Udhar tum, idhar hum. -GULZAR TABASSUM, Lahore, January 15.