LAHORE - The religious parties will stage a 'show of strength in support of the blasphemy law in the City on January 30th while Jamaat-i-Islami will host an All Parties Conference on the issue on January 29 at Mansoora. Ameer Jamaat-i-Islami Syed Munawar Hasan said this while addressing the opening session of JI Shoora on Saturday. Munawar Hasan said it was tragic that over a dozen people were falling victim to target killings in Karachi while the government was seen nowhere. 'Instead of providing protection to the citizens, two ruling parties of Sindh were putting the blame on each other, he said. He termed complete failure of the countrys foreign policy as the core issue at the moment. He said the Chinese Prime Ministers visit and his address to the Parliament were most important events as China could play an important role in banishing US interference in the region. However, instead of availing this opportunity, the rulers were protecting US interests and following its priorities, he said. He said the US was fully supporting India in the region. 'Pakistans economy had been completely ruined due to the so called US war on terror, he added. 'The burden of loans was increasing and the country was once again under IMF stranglehold. He said Washington was openly interfering in economic and political affairs of Pakistan. Chinas constant offer in respect of mega projects was reassuring and its open support for the Kashmiris was an issue that should be highlighted, he stressed. He said that corruption had crept into the whole society and it was an irony that a party that had been supporting a corrupt government for the last three years, was now talking about this issue. 'This was the best opportunity for the PML (N) to protest over the appointment of a Governor who was twice dismissed on corruption charges, but the Punjab Chief Minister welcomed this appointment, he said. On one hand, the PML (N) was demanding removal of corrupt Ministers while on the other hand it had meekly accepted a corrupt Governor. This showed clear contradictions in its policy, he added. The JI chief said the country had reached on the verge of collapse due to corruption while price-hike, loadshedding and lawlessness had made masses life miserable but the friendly opposition was silent on all these issues and the JI alone was on roads to highlight public problems, as the real opposition. In this regard, he said, the JI would hold another sit-in in Peshawar on January 23, to highlight the public grievances and issues.