Without any doubt, the dog is a faithful animal. People keep it as a pet or they train it to work, for example, hunting or guarding buildings. But the dog of my neighbour only knows how to bark vociferously. It keeps barking the whole night. This perpetual barking is an assault on my nerves and I cant sleep properly. I have requested my neighbour umpteenth times to be considerate towards other people who live in my vicinity and who are passing through the same ordeal of incessant barking of the dog the whole night but all my requests have fallen on his deaf ears. Perhaps he will do away with this irritant dog when he reads this letter in your esteemed columns. I am as sure as fate that this letter will soften the stony heart of my neighbour and he will redress my genuine grievance. However, if he does not listen, I will have to ask the authorities to intervene and take notice of my problem because lack of sleep due to constant barking of dog is having a bad impact on my health and my problem falls in the category of violation of human rights. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, January 15.