LAHORE Safety Investigation Board (SIB) of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has started inquiry into the incident wherein a man managed to hide in the aircraft of Airblue (a private airline) illegally at Allama Iqbal International Airport (AIIAP) and then died of falling from the height soon after the plane took off a couple of days back. Had the man carrying with him some explosive he could have taken the lives of the whole passengers on board, a senior officer of CAA said seeking anonymity. An inquiry officer said, We have sought data recorder from the airline management and after examining the same we will be in better position to say something in this regard. He said it was simply security lapse that an individual managed to have access to the aircraft without any security process or documentations. We are on it and trying our best to trace the whereabouts of the deceased whether he was employee of any agency working at the airport or an outsider, said Syed Amir Mehboob, Director AIIAP. A flight engineer said when a plane lift its wheels back to its body they revolve with the speed of 40 miles per hour and a man can not stay inside because no hook is available to get himself hanged around. So he must fall down immediately after the planes take off and his body should carry black spot after being rubbed with tyres of the planes. Another flight engineer said there was enough space in the landing gear area where a man can easily sit though could not survive because he would be frozen to death when plane flies at the height of 30,000 feet. He also termed the incident a security breach and said there was not any security system working at the airport where the data of passengers could be maintained. He said apron of the airport was a sensitive area where ASF should maintain the record of the employees who enter and exit. He said, Had this system been in place at the AIIAP the man could have been traced within no time. He also held ASF responsible for the incident. Two such men were caught by the agencies other than ASF roaming at apron of the airport in two different incidents during last six months who had managed to reach apron by dodging ASF officials, an officer serving at AIIAP said. One of them was identified as Javed Iqbal, resident of Gulberg, who managed to intrude in the apron on August 2010 by crossing all the security checks set by ASF. Later on a police officer deputed at AIIAP had said he was not mentally fit. He was handed over to the Intelligence agencies for further interrogation. Later the police had discharged him after his medical check up. When contacted, spokesman of ASF said it was all drama of police who killed the said man and threw him on the top of the house.He said as per ASF information face of the deceased was partially damaged, his arms were fractured and there was an injury mark on his waist and these injuries did not reflect falling from the plane. About the men arrested from apron in the past, he said those were also caught by ASF and one of them was trying to cross the fence and was over powered by the ASF officials.