ISLAMABAD - The federal government's security agencies have recommended to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti to review his proposed visit to Hazara region asking him to abandon it, The Nation has reliably learnt. According to official sources, the security agencies in their confidential reports have cited the security concerns as serious challenges to Hoti's visit, the exact schedule of which is yet to be finalised. Last week, the KP Chief Minister Secretariat had confirmed The Nation's information that Hoti was to visit Abbottabad and related parts of Hazara region, apparently to address the Abbottabad Bar Council. When contacted again on Saturday, the CM Secretariat informed this scribe that nothing concrete regarding the CM's visit was decided or finalised but the tour was on the cards despite security concerns. Officials concerned at the Secretariat, however, expressed ignorance over the reported circulation of intelligence reports by national security agencies in this regard. Reportedly, the CM Secretariat has received the negative intelligence reports from two intelligence agencies subordinated to the Centre. In these reports, the CM has been cautioned that his visit to Hazara could aggravate the already hostile public sentiments in the region that could result in any possible security lapse. It is also learnt that the secret reports, to highlight the potential security threats, also discussed last year's Judicial Commission's report which was formed to probe into April 12, 2010 killings of protestors at the hands of police and law enforcement agencies in Abbottabad. The protestors were the supporters of Hazara province formation. The Commission in its strange findings had held the people, the security agencies, the political parties as well as the KP government responsible for the killings. Besides, the intelligence reports cite CM KP's emergency exit from Ayub Medical Hospital Abbottabad in 2010 to avoid public wrath as an instance of prevailing hostility between people of Hazara and KP government. Interestingly, while the federal government agencies have reportedly sent the aforementioned reports, the provincial security and intelligences agencies have not raised any such security concern related to the Hoti's proposed visit. Sources see these intelligence reports as a move interlinked to mounting tensions between the Centre and KP over the Khanpur Dam row. As Hoti, during his expected visit, intends to garner the political and public support from Hazara region on Khanpur Dam issue against the Centre's efforts to include the Dam into Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), the federal government wants to cease any such development from surfacing. The leaders of Hazara Movement who have overwhelming influence and following among general public in Hazara region have also categorically opposed Hoti's anticipated arrival to Abbottabad and have warned of severely detrimental consequences. An exhibition of soared ties between the provincial and federal governments was reflected earlier this month when Senior Minister KP government Bashir Ahmed Bilour had confirmed during a telephonic conversation with this scribe that some vested interests were trying to include Khanpur Dam in ICT.