ISLAMABAD - The country might face serious urea fertilizer shortage, as Saudi Arab refused to give commodity on defer payment to Pakistan, while Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) did not consider Fertilizer Price Review Committee's proposals to increase the commodity production domestically. "The country is likely to face urea fertilizer crisis, as on one side, gas load management plan is affecting the domestic production of the urea fertilizer, while on the other side, the Saudi government refused to give commodity on defer payment", an official of Ministry of Industries and Production told The Nation on Saturday. The ongoing gas crises had decreased the production of urea fertilizer in the country, which increased its price. ENGRO Fertilizer Manufacturers had already increased the prices of urea by Rs190 per 50 kg bag. The official further said that due to fear of commodity shortage in domestic market, the Fertilizer Price Review Committee had demanded of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to review the Gas Load Management Plan for Fertilizer industry, as gas supply should be curtailed to 30 days instead of 45 immediately. The Committee approached Prime Minister to resolve the issue on priority basis, however, the PM did not give any significance to the said summery and referred it to the Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet. However, the ECC did not discuss the proposal due to time constraint. With the approval and implementation on revised gas load management plan for fertilizer industry, about 0.2 million tons of urea would be produced locally within 15 days. On the other hand, the two-member committee comprising Federal Secretary Industries & Production and Federal Secretary Food & Agriculture had negotiated with the Saudi authorities for an immediate import of 2 lakh 25 thousand tons of urea through defer payment facility. However, the Saudi authorities refused to give this facility. According to the sources, the local manufactures did not have sufficient stock of the commodity in their stores, as, according to the unofficial data, the stock with the local manufacturers is around 20,000 tons only. Sources were of the view that if the government did not revise the gas load management plan, the crises would be further deepened.