ISLAMABAD - Energy shortfall cannot be decreased, neither in the winter nor with the start of summer season, as in coming days when the energy production would increase with better supply of gas, the demand for electricity would also increase due to change in weather. Though the official point of view of the Ministry of Water and Power was that the shortfall would come to 1,500 megawatt in coming days that was at present around 2,500 MW and was 3,000 MW a few days back. According to the official spokesperson of Ministry, at present gas shortage was one of the major reason behind lesser energy production and another reason was lesser water release from dams. Another official of the Ministry said that the shortfall might come to 1,500 MW but for a very few days only because in coming days the demand for electricity would also increase with the increase in energy production so the gap would not be fulfilled. The official also said that it must be kept in mind that the Government had faced serious financial crises and it was also a very big hurdle in resolving the energy crisis. When the bills of electricity would not be paid, what might happen, the official said. And this was sure that in coming days the Government did not seem to be in a position to pay the dues in time, he added. In the coming days, the hydel power generation would increase and power generation through Wapda thermal plants would also increase the production when they would be supplied enough gas but the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) might decrease their production. As per an official statement, at present the hydel share in the national grid was 1,982 MW, IPPs 5,438 MW and Wapda thermal was adding 1,938 MW. Rental power plants were still adding 62 MW only in the grid.