FACEBOOK chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has moved into a new house, just seven blocks from his old house in the College Terrace neighborhood of Palo Alto. The new house is a far cry from the fabled mansions of other tech figures like Steve Jobs. Guarded by the watchful eye of security cameras, Zuckerbergs new abode is an upgrade from his former four-bedroom, 2,350-square-foot crib, but not by much. Gawker said that Zucks new place is about 3,800 square feet, has five bedrooms, and has several satellite dishes fixed to the roof. The 26-year-old CEO is still renting, however. With Facebook worth a reported $50 billion, someone should tell him that he could probably afford to buy. He could be listening to the skeptics who have said that Zuckerbergs fortune only exists on paper, not in reality. One of the biggest advantages of the new place is that its just down the street from Facebooks headquarters. Zuckerbergs move didnt come as a surprise. Gawker reported that Zuckerbergs former home at 2073 Princeton Street was for rent last month. A Craigslist ad advertising the $7,850-a-month house popped up not long after Zuckerberg gave Oprah a tour of the home he shared with girlfriend Priscilla Chan. Gawker said the wunderkinds move didnt pass under the radar, and neighbors have sent pictures to the site. Everyones aware that Zuckerberg moved here, a neighbor told Gawker. The new renters identity might have been betrayed by the home security cameras that were installed when Zuck moved in, as well as the presence same black Acura sedan that used to occupy the driveway outside his old place. PC Magazine