This letter is in response to your editorial on Pakistan Railways woes. Pakistan Railways (PR) was once a pride of the nation when it was decided to drive it into the ground by the military regime of Zia who was given the charter by his foreign masters to bring down civilian institutions. PR was professionally run by the Chairman who operated from the Headquarters in Lahore. The attack was two pronged. National Logistics Cell (NLC) took away the freight business and Baboos and Khakis were appointed Sectary/Chairman who sat in Islamabad in the ministry of Railways and a General Manager who reported to them was asked to run the operations, with obvious results. PR needs autonomy, professional management and major overhaul to bring back its glory. Ministry of Railways has to be disbanded and controls given back to the Railway Board to be headed by professionals not know-all Baboos and Khakis. The Chairman should report directly to the PM or the Minister. DR FARID A. MALIK, Lahore, January 15.