ISLAMABAD (APP) The Foreign Office Spokesman Basit Ali has asked India to demonstrate seriousness in implementing its announcements regarding reduction of its troops in Jammu and Kashmir as a confidence building measure. India had repeatedly announced reduction in its troops strength there, but as for as our information are concerned, such announcements were never implemented, Basit Ali told BBC. He said India should try to resolve Jammu and Kashmir issue seriously, because such steps, which confine to only announcements, have no effects unless India accepts Jammu and Kashmir as dispute, which will have to be resolved in composite dialogue whenever it gets resumed. We do not think that such kinds of announcements or steps will make some differences, he added. To a question that what steps need to be taken for resumption of peace talks, Basit Ali said the Hurriyat Conference has also given some points to India which could yield positive results if implemented. He said definitely pull out of troops, revocation of Indian black laws, release of political prisoners are also in those proposals. So, these steps, if implemented, can create conducive atmosphere, he added.