Recently, AJK Prime Minister, Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan, speaking at Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that India is planning to construct about 250 small and mega dames on river Chenab. This is not for the first time that India is violating Indus Water Treaty. Despite its claims that her hydro projects are within the ambit of IWT, these can affect water flow to Pakistan if India starts filling them up at the time when Pakistan needs water. The conflicting water requirements between these nuclear neighbours pose possibility of triggering an armed clash; a horrible scenario, given the arsenals at their disposal. The world should not sit away as silent spectators. The US State Department has already identified water as a central concern of their foreign policy. The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, had stated some months before, that Pakistan would be given liberal assistance to overcome its water and energy problems. However, in any case, the primary responsibility rests with the leaders of both Pakistan and India to overcome the hangover of earlier bitterness and have a fresh start in bilateral relations. MUZAMMIL MUJAHID BHATTI, Rawalpindi, January 15.