KARACHI (PPI) - The speakers at a seminar held at NED University stressed on the development of coal-based power plants and Hydel Power plants to produce cheap electricity and meet the growing demand in the country. Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC), in collaboration with NED University of Engineering &Technology;and IET, had organized the seminar on the "The Future of Power Generation in Pakistan". The seminar comprised presentations on different aspects of power transformers, allowing participants an opportunity to receive information on academic and professional attributes of Power Generation. Prominent speakers engaged in this area addressed the students on relevant topics. They included Khalid Javed (Chief Operating Officer Grid & Transmission, KESC), Ejaz Rashid (General Manager Grid & Transmission, KESC), Zafar Fareedi (Chairman Institute of Engineering Pakistan) and Iqbal Khan (HUBCO). In his presentation Mr. Khalid Javed, COO, Grid & Transmission, KESC, addressed four key issues faced by the average KESC stakeholder such as Load-Shedding, Electricity Tariff, Customer Service and Foreign Investment. Talking about load-shedding, Javed said "The major problem for KESC in generating electricity is the availability of gas. The supply of gas is not sufficient to run power plants that are gas-dependent only. If KESC receives gas supply of around 300 mmcf, it can produce electricity on full capacity." Highlighting the future plans of KESC, he stated "KESC is planning to work on Thar Coal to produce cheap electricity for its customers. KESC is also working with Oracle Coalfield to establish 300 MW power plants at Thar coal." He added "The new construction of a power plant at Bin Qasim-II is in progress in which KESC has invested around 400 million dollars. This plant has the capacity of generating 560 MW and will be operational very soon it will start generating electricity."