LAHORE The Indian High Commissioner Sharat Sabharwal has said that there is no restriction on the local exporters from the Indian government to stop the shipments of cotton to Pakistan, as it is a matter of the buyer and seller to settle the price issue. Sharat Sabharwal told this to Dr Mirza Ikhtiar baig, Advisor to PM on Textile, who met him at Indian High Commission on Saturday to raise the issue of cotton delivery to Pakistan, which is pending for a long time. Taking up the issue of export of over 1 million cotton bales to Pakistan, he said shipment of 400,000 cotton bales has been stopped for which L/Cs have been already opened, while contracts for the shipment of 600,000 more bales were also finalized in Dec 2010 to be delivered till Feb 2011. Dr Baig will be visiting Delhi to meet his counterparts to finalize a mechanism for smooth shipment of cotton from India to Pakistan as Pakistan is short of cotton production whereas neighboring India has 9 to 10 million bales surplus for exports. The Indian High Commissionero agreed to facilitate visas to the members of Consular Corps Sindh Karachi and Consular Corps Punjab Lahore who will be attending First FICAC South Asia Consular Conference in New Delhi from 15th to 17th Feb. He also discussed the participation of the Indian Textile Machinery Manufacturers at the 8th Intl Textile Asia 2011 Exhibition to be held at Karachi Expo Centre in April 2011.