LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has maintained that none objects to the unification of various factions of the Pakistan Muslim League, but those who have been loyalists of a military dictator and have looted billions of rupees, must return the money and beg pardon from the masses. He was addressing the 106th Founding Day ceremony of the Pakistan Muslim League held under the auspices of the Nazaria-e-Pakistan Trust in collaboration with the Tehreek-e-Pakistan Workers Trust here on Saturday. Chairman NPT and Editor-in-Chief The Nation Majid Nizami presided over the ceremony, while Senior Vice-Chairman NPT Begum Majeeda Wyne, Vice-Chairman NPT Dr Rafique Ahmad, former Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz, Mian Farooq Altaf, Waleed Iqbal Advocate, Mian Khalil Ahmed Sharaqpuri, MPA Rana Muhammad Arshad, Parliamentarians and a large number of PML workers attended the function. Shahbaz, while tracing the history of Pakistans creation, said that the Muslims of the Sub-continent launched a movement for creating a separate homeland under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and flag of the PML, and rendered sacrifices. He lamented that after 63 years, Pakistanis had failed to establish Pakistan in accordance with the ideals of its founders. 'Democratic dispensations were put in place, but the military dictators staged coups by hoodwinking people, and did nothing practically for them, he observed, while asserting that someone perpetuated dictatorship in the name of Islam and others derailed democracy for plundering the resources sans running the country as per the teachings of the Quaid and Allama Iqbal. 'Sacrifices were rendered for the establishment of Pakistan to live according to law and Constitution where equal opportunities be ensured for all with supremacy of law, equal rights for everyone sans any discrimination of caste, colour, creed and religion, and be called Pakistanis. But today, the elite have all facilities whereas poor are deprived of basic amenities, he maintained. Shahbaz Sharif mentioned that medical facilities were for the rich, while the poor were struggling to get medicines even. 'Children of the elite get education from prestigious institutions, whereas admissions are declined to the poor in these institutions. This is not the Pakistan as dreamt by the Quaid and Allama Iqbal, he said, while mentioning that Pakistan was rich in mineral resources, fertile land, water, mountains and talented people but despite this, goals were not materialised. 'We will have to make a critical review of this fact. The world history is replete with examples of defeated nations making progress through hard work, and we can do the same and change our history through hard work, honesty and sincerity, he stressed. The CM also lamented that Pakistan was still forced to depend on foreign aids and compromise its freedom and sovereignty for very little money though the country was a nuclear power. 'We are forced to actualise even those foreign dictations, which have no concern the teachings and philosophy of the Quran and Sunnah, Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal, and the sacrifices of martyrs of Pakistan movement, he maintained. About foreign debts, he was of the considered opinion that loans worth billions of rupees had not changed Pakistans destiny during 63 years. 'On domestic front, huge loans were got written off on political grounds, and those are still the owners of factories and bungalows, while the poor are deprived of even basic necessities, he said, while asserting that in Quaids Pakistan, there were news about its President taking commission in Agosta submarine purchase, and earlier the Hajis were looted. 'New worlds are created through new trends, fresh approach, hard work and honesty and we will regain lost glory of Pakistan by acting upon these golden principles and will make it an Islamic welfare state in true sense in accordance with the ideals of the Quaid and Allama Iqbal, he added. He agreed to the proposals of Majid Nizami regarding unification of various PML factions. He strongly advocated the idea of saving every penny for equipping the new generation with latest knowledge, which would root out extremism and terrorism from the country. 'Even from today if we start making earnest efforts for eliminating ignorance and illiteracy, then the failures of the last 63 years can be overcome, he said, while mentioning the success story of the Daanish Schools in remote and backward areas. He was of the view that these schools would be an important step towards realising dreams of the Quaid and Allama Iqbal. 'In the past, had a dacoity of Rs 50 billion not been committed in the Bank of Punjab, and resources were not looted ruthlessly in the name of the Lahore-Kasur Road, Ring Road and other development projects, then all these resources could have been spent for the establishment of Daanish Schools and welfare of the people, observed emotionally-charged CM, who also asserted that the loot and plunder would have to be eliminated for regaining the lost glory of Pakistan and making it a true Islamic welfare state in accordance with the ideals of founders. 'Judicious distribution of resources will have to be ensured and we will have to march forward for making hard work, honesty and sincerity our motto, he suggested. Majid Nizami in his address said that the PML was the founder party of the country and it would also make the country strong and stable. 'India is our sworn enemy and we should always be beware of it. It is unfortunate for Pakistan and the PML that a runaway retired General (Pervez Musharraf) has also set up a separate Muslim League and he is trying to come back again in the country, and God forbid that such time comes, he said, adding, that the Muslim League had established Pakistan and this party would protect the country as well. He asked the CM to play his role for unification of Muslim Leagues. If you (Shahbaz Sharif) can make your elder brother (Nawaz Sharif) agree to the PML unification, then no one in the world can stop the latter from becoming the Quaid of the unified Muslim League, he said. Majid Nizami lamented the fact that the PML was created at Dhaka, and unfortunately it was no more part of Pakistan. 'It is now the capital of Bangladesh because of our failings, he observed, while tracing the history of the Quaid-Allama liaison for the creation of Pakistan. He rejected the assertion that Pakistan was a secular state, and mentioned that its founders wanted to make it an Islamic state. He asked the CM to take care of the poor, who were dying of cold and hunger. He also objected to the view that a few Daanish Schools could make the country literate because 'revolutionary steps can turn Pakistan into an educated country 'I have seen a woman with sword in one protest. God forbid that day should not dawn when the whole nation is brandishing swords, and see another French Revolution, he warned. Earlier, in his welcome address, Dr Rafique Ahmad paid rich tributes to Shahbaz Sharif on setting up of Daanish Schools for providing quality educational facilities to poor students whose parents could not afford heavy fees. He also lauded the CM for creating awareness regarding the ideology of Pakistan. Majid Nizami also presented NPT-published book titled 'Tareekh Al-India Muslim League 1906-1947 to Shahbaz Sharif.