ISLAMABAD - Terming the implication of President Zardari in Agosta submarine scandal as false and fabricated PPP Central Information Secretary Fouzia Wahab said that it was an extension of vilification campaign against the person of President Zardari. Rejecting the foreign media reports in this connection, Ms Wahab said that there is a set criterion for the military hardware purchase for Armed Forces with no say of civilians in the process. She further said that it was also on record that the then Accountability Commission Chairman Saifur Rehman along with then Vice Admiral Aziz Mirza had tried to pressurise the then Pakistan Navy Director Intelligence Commodore Shahid Ashraf to implicate Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari in the scandal of taking kickbacks in the Augusta Submarine deal but on his refusal he was not only subjected to mental torture but also to court martial. Ms Wahab denied the reports published in a French daily charging President Zardari to have taken 70 lakh Euro as kickbacks in the deal and said that President Zardari had nothing to do with the killing of French engineers in Karachi as at that time Asif Ali Zardari was in jail. She further said that it was also not the first time when the government had entered into a deal for purchase of Agosta submarines as earlier in 1978.