For over a month my gas supplies are cut off exactly at 10 in the morning only to return in the evening around nine or ten. First I thought this was happening throughout my area but then I found out that all my neighbours were getting the supply of gas supply without any interruption. I thus made a complaint to SNGPL at 1199. (Complaint No.6796283312). A prompt action within 24 hours was promised. No one came to help me within 24 hours. I thus made a complaint again, this time I was told that complaints are redressed within 48 hours and not 24 hours. This time I was given another complaint No. 7937313134. Not only 24 or 48 hours but more than 96 hours have passed and my problem remains there. At the most, three or four workers from SNGPL casually turn up to look at my dead geyser, dead cooker and dead heater, smile and then go away. Every time I make a complaint, I am promised help, which never comes. We people in the house can neither cook, nor take a bath. We can only curse those who are at the helm of affairs totally oblivious to the miseries of people. It appears countrys every department is being run on rhetoric. MAXIM CARTOONIST, Lahore, January 15.