I am lucky enough to work in Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital as an intern. This hospital was the dream of our national hero, Imran Khan, who with a lot of determination stood up with a vision and managed to establish a world class cancer hospital. This hospital was not just his dream but a hope for many people across Pakistan. I have found Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital to be extremely child friendly hospital. For the amusement of the children, the hospital has made a play room in the patient ward. Then the hospital arranges various shows for children like puppet show, also celebrates birthdays of the children staying at inpatient ward. All these activities make the childrens stay comfortable at the hospital, make them feel at home, help them to forget the pains and discard the horrific image of the word 'hospital and most important of all, these activities are conducted just to bring smile on their faces. Important factor, which differentiates this hospital from others, is that no VIP treatment or service is provided to the patients paying the expenses, rather all the patients coming to the hospital are treated special and the same. It was here that I realized and felt proud to be a part of such organization which does not discriminate among patients, an organization which truly works on the principle of equality. If one looks at the atmosphere, everything at the hospital seems so perfect just because each and every individual is working passionately for the cause. So all that we can do is to pray and support the cause to fight against this deadly disease and, also, pray for all those people who are working day and night to save as many lives as they can. MOATTAR ASIM, Lahore, January 15.