Umar Waqar Eurabia is a new terminology coined by the frustrated intellectuals of the West, representing the rise of Islam in Europe. For common Pakistanis, who are burdened with daily worries of law and order and inflation, it may be of little interest. However, Eurabia like AfPak may be a reality in the near future and has some interesting opportunities for our next generation. After all, one of the few good things of the Islamic world in last the 50 years has been a baby boom (despite multiple population control regimens). There is a huge difference between post-war Europe, todays Europe and what will be the future Europe. Based on a secular ideology, and a materialistic system with slogans like make money be happy, the West unleashed tremendous human energy in the last two centuries, and definitely made enviable progress in material and social sciences. It believed that the world would become a global village and embrace a secular ideology and culture. But they lost sight of one very important factor: The ability to continue with their civilisation. Pat Buchannan cried in his famous treatise, The Death of the West, that the family system was not only discouraged, but systematically attacked by the intellectuals and the policy-makers. This brought the fertility rate below the irreversible threshold. Dr Iqbal had probably felt the dangers of this tendency in the early 20th century and prophesised: Your creed will commit suicide with its own dagger, for a nest built on fragile branches will not last longer. Coming back to Eurabia, I remained confused about it. But after some research, I decided that it must be discussed in the media. According to Wikipedia: Eurabia is a political neologism that refers to the premise that the Muslim population in Europe will become a majority within a few generations due to continued immigration and high birth rates. The term was publicised by the writer Bat Yeor, especially in her 2005 book Eurabia:The Euro-Arab Axis, referring to joint Euro-Arab foreign policies that she characterises as anti-American and anti-Zionist. In other words, Eurabia means the end of western ideology and the rise of Islam in Europe, the end of secularism and the rise of peace, the end of materialism and the arrival of faith. But the million dollar question is: When, why and how Islam grew in the abode of the Church and the dark society of the white man? Historically, Islam was there in Europe after the occupation of Spain, southern France, southern Italy and the Balkans by the Moorish and the Ottomans. At that time, these areas were economically the most stable regions of entire Europe. Then Islam was at its peak. Cordoba in Spain and Baghdad in Iraq were the hubs of knowledge. But after the Reconquista of Al-Andalus, the Muslim empires fell one by one and Europe became the master of the world. The Muslims were left behind in almost every major aspect including economy, military, knowledge and science. But the only thing they managed to preserve was their faith. The bishops and the emperors of Europe promised their people that Islam would never come back and that Muslims will enter into Europe only as slaves. The western pundits thought that everyone who comes to Europe will assimilate in the culture, and thus the West will become a 'melting pot, alas it became a 'salad bowl. Even then the Muslims in Europe have not only managed to maintain their identity and culture, but also presented Islam as an alternate ideology and social system. That can answer many questions of a confused generation, who believes to have been left asunder in the desolate desert of secularism and materialism. It is human nature that a person adopts the same culture and tradition in the society he lives in. It is all about which culture is better and more powerful. But this natural process seems to be completely opposite in the case of Muslim immigrants of Europe. Islam is a universal faith that affects everyone. It replaces power with struggle, restricting a follower to remain under the Islamic ideology no matter wherever he goes. A Muslim who has love for Islam will never be affected by foreign cultures, instead he will affect that culture. Thats why so many savage conquerors and tribal warlords converted to Islam after coming in contact. The Mongol Khans and their hordes converting en mass to Islam is one example. Even after being a small minority, the Muslims were not affected much by Europes secularism; in fact, the Europeans were affected by the Muslim culture. Libyan leader Moammar al-Gaddafi, in a speech on Al-Jazeera, on April 10, 2006, said: We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe - without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades. According to private researchers, by 2050 Europe will be Islamic. There are about 60 million Muslims living in Europe and the number is expected to double by 2025. Many books have been written against Islam and even blasphemous material is published against our Holy Prophet (PBUH), but surprisingly, Islam is still the fastest growing religion. The writer is a freelance columnist.