ISLAMABAD - At last the Education Ministry is going to be devolved by the end of this month despite the fact that the ministry officials are putting a lot of efforts to retain it instead of devising any policy or plan to adjust thousands of employees and its attached institutions. If the devolution of the ministry is delayed for a period of time, after all, it has to be devolved at the end and the Implementation Commission may reject the recommendation of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Education, as it is only a recommendatory body. The Chairman of the Implementation Commission Senator Raza Rabbani has categorically reiterated that the ministries would be devolved according to the Amendment. The ministry has drafted its recommendations regarding the devolution which have been presented to the NA Committee and the committee after consultations with its members will present it before the Implementation Commission to reconsider its decision. The recommendations prepared by the ministry include, the ministry must be kept intact, core curriculum up to higher secondary level must be within the Federal jurisdiction, Islamic Education and 12 Centres of Excellence need to be retained at the Federal level and Higher Education Commission (HEC) should also be relocated under the ministry. At present, 1.464 million students and 79,744 employees in Islamabad Capital Territory, Gilgit-Baltistan, FATA and AJK have been working under the ministry in total 13,216 educational institutions. The employees have been fearing that if they were transferred to the provinces, their due promotions and service scales would suffer and they would be posted under the people already serving people in the provinces. Majority of the employees have been refusing to go to the provinces. It has also been learnt that the provinces are not ready to take the people from Federal ministries and the ministry cannot adjust all the employees at the Federal level as well. According to the officials of the ministry additional employees who cannot be adjusted against any positions would be put into surplus pool and get paid at homes. Chaos and uncertainty at the ministry has marred the day-to-day work and created unrest among the employees. Those who were about to be promoted to next grades are worried more about their future. "We were about to get grade 20 which an employee gets after rendering years of service. It is unclear yet what would happen to us. What I got if I could not get that highest grade after spending my whole life in the government job" one of the officials opined. The officials have been predicting that Federal Directorate of Education under which 416 schools and colleges have been working and Federal Board of Intermediate and Secretary Education (FBISE) would be attached to the ICT administration while the other 46 attached departments of the ministry including Centre of Excellence would be attached with the HEC and Cabinet Division.