Foreign Policy magazine has claimed that in the recent past Mossad agents masquerading as American CIA agents recruited militants for Jundallah, a militant organisation alleged to be behind attacks across Pakistan and Iran. Most of the recruitments were made in England and the Mossad agents used US dollars and US passports. American officials who reacted to the report stated that they were most concerned about the brashness of the act.

Mossad operates in a way that leaves little difference with the methods employed by terrorist organisations around the world. It has been covertly carrying out bomb blasts, target killings, political assassinations and much more across the Arab world during the past decades. But now as the report in Foreign Policy unveils, it has been busy in fomenting violence in Pakistan and Iran as well. There is no doubt that Israel's antipathy towards Pakistan is due to its nuclear capability and it's support of the Palestinian cause.

Mossad agents disguising themselves as CIA operatives must have been mimicking an existing CIA practice of recruiting such militants. Jundallah, it can be deduced is responsible for a number of terrorist attacks that have claimed the lives of hundreds of people in Pakistan and Iran. As revealed by Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Jundallah has links with other dangerous terrorist organisations like the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan as well, something which provides us a peep into the sordid game being played in the region. Consequently one wonders whether there is any truth in reports alleging that Mossad are hand in glove with the TTP as part of an ominous conspiracy against nuclear Pakistan.

They pity is that we have been ourselves putting our heads in the noose, especially given the foolhardiness with which our government issued visas to thousands of American CIA operatives, whose activities came to light with Raymond Davis episode. The aforementioned report only shows that all this was the tip of the iceberg. Now we must watch our back against Mossad agents as well.