Does the government consider anything more significant than its own existence which is being threatened by the memo controversy? Apparently not as the deteriorating economic conditions, continued militancy in the country, power and gas shortages show. These problems have made the life of the common man miserable.

Dragging the armed forces into the fray that already has enough on its plate with the ongoing war is bound to create more chaos and confusion. The army ought to remain where it is instead of being involved in political issues or be given any undue significance in the memo affair. The statement issued by the army chief should have been enough to assuage the panicky politicians against an imminent coup. This entire hullabaloo can be seen as a diverting tactic exhibited by the government to switch attention from all other live issues that plague the country and to ensure the continuity of democracy by gaining public sympathy. It would be best if the extra time and energy that is invested in debating and fighting over the memo triggered turmoil is used to resolve more important problems such as the water crisis that threaten our existence. There is terrorism that has isolated us in the region, increased attacks on our security forces, cross-border infiltrations, critical condition of Balochistan that also needs immediate redress, and a continued turbulence in Karachi and so on. The only means the government should employ to ensure its existence is nothing but good governance.


Windsor, January 14.