Political statement by Army even for clarification or premiere criticism of Army Chief and DG ISI reflects great cracks within the current dispensation. While Pakistan is at war with itself and with enemies, having lost more than 35 thousands lives, including our soldiers, officers and innocent civilian, it would be sane to remove the differences behind the locked doors. Our right of access to information is important but more important is our state. The rift between our institutions is being broadcast abroad in a very mocking style. The impression being given is that Pakistan has no central authority, with many centres of powers emerging. This can lead in future to blame of failed state, and a demand from world community for our denuclearization. What one can request is cautious steps from all quarters. Judiciary is specially requested to maintain neutrality and impartiality. It should work within the constitutional framework because people have lot of expectations from it, and once people will be hopeless from judiciary then God forbid state integrity will be at risk. What has happened is history. Now all players must play their games with discipline.


Islamabad, January 15.