Recent pictures of US marines who are desecrating the corpses of dead Afghans clearly show how the US is trying to win hearts and minds of Afghan people.  People are still in shock to see this type of inhuman act.  Pentagon has identified all four soldiers and confirmed that the video is genuine. At the time when US authorities are trying hard to bring Afghan resistance forces on negotiation table this video will provide worst impact on negotiations. This is the main reason that despite decades of war and presence of world’s most advance technology things are going from bad to worse for US forces and resistance is growing everywhere. Only years ago some US soldiers were showing body parts of dead Afghans as winning trophies. Despite several requests of US puppet Karzai night time raids and air strikes are still going on in several parts of Afghanistan. Last year record numbers of civilians lost their lives due to US and Nato air strikes. Despite serious violations of human rights by US and Nato forces no responsible person is being brought to justice and its seems true that US administration is using inhuman torture techniques as weapons of war. Illegal detentions, rendition, keeping detainees in inhuman conditions, ten years of Guantanamo all have become worst chapters in human rights history. Stories which are also coming from under US administration Bagram, Abugriab and Guntamo are enough to open eyes of so called champions of human rights.


Jeddah, January 14.