MELBOURNE  - She might be the defending champion but security officials at the Australian Open were none the wiser, asking to see Victoria Azarenka's pass despite her picture being plastered on a wall nearby. The Belarusian top seed, who beat Maria Sharapova in the final last year, is also the world number one, with every Open champion honoured by having their portraits in the walkways under Rod Laver Arena.

Asked Tuesday if it was nice to walk around the corridors and see pictures of herself, Azarenka said: "Yeah, I mean, those pictures are going to be here for a while. That's kind of great feeling to have. The other day the security guy, I was walking, and he's like, 'You got your pass?'," she added. "There was my picture! I said, 'There is my pass. There it is'." She quickly added: "But I love the security. They are so strict here. They are really making sure nobody gets in. It's incredible."