FAISALABAD - Pakistan is facing severe threats of climate changes causing heavy floods, air pollution and water borne diseases which need to be overcome with enhanced practical work.

This was stated by speakers at an inaugural session of two-day International Conference titled ‘Global Environment Changes’ held at Government College University, Faisalabad (GCUF) here the other day

GCUF Vice Chancellor Dr Zakir Hussain presided over the session while PCSIR, Islamabad Chairman Dr Shaukat Parvez was the chief guest.

 Faculty of Science and Technology Dean Prof Dr Naureen Aziz Qureshi, University of Agriculture’s Dean Prof Dr Muhammad Arshad, Prof Dr Ahmet Mermut from Turkey,  Director Research and Prof Dr Farhat Abbas also spoke on the occasion.

GCUF VC Dr Zakir Hussain said that ozone layer was deteriorating owing to enhanced emission of smoke from factories and human activities which was resulting in climate changes including massive floods and droughts.  He said that clean water situation was worsening in the country that was a matter of greater concern “In the list of potable water accessibility index, Pakistan is placed at the bottom countries with 80th position out of 120 nations,” he added. 

Dr Shaukat Parvez said that the country was blessed with treasure of natural resources including gold and copper worth billions of rupees and it was need of the hour to explore these resources to solve the problems of the country especially the climate change.

Dr Naureen Aziz Qureshi said that food security and the water were the areas of the grave concern for the country. She was of the view that all stakeholders should sit together to map out a comprehensive plan.

Dr Muhamamd Arshad said the environmental issues were also affecting the quality of life. He said that the European countries were fulfilling their 25 percent demands from bio fuel, adding that the country was needed to develop bio fuel model to avert the changes.

Dr Ahmet Mermut said that the global changes were caused by human activities that could be over overcome by proper planning to save the environment.  He said that the water was the base of life that was pouting due to human activities and the glaciers were also melting down because of climate changes. 

Dr Farhat Abbas said the GCUF has emerged the number sixth best university in the Higher Education ranking. He concluded that moot comprising eight technical sessions aimed at devising a plan to address the issues.