ISLAMABAD  – The long march in Capital by Dr Tahirul Qadri no doubt distrubed business activities in commercial hub, Blue Area, however, at the same time it generated chances of good earnnig for vendors and cart pushers.

The vendors and cart pushers, who were selling corn, burgers, sweets, mineral water, biscuits, tea, rice (paulo) and other eatables, cashed the oppurtunity to earn from this huge political gathering in the capital. “I have spent more than 48 hours in Blue Area to wait for the long march. In this condition, all the participants need something to eat and something to drink. So we bought eatables from vendors,” Ahmed Hameed, a participant in long march from Lahore told APP. He said the shops in nearest localities were found closed as part fo security measures, therefore, we do no have any option as we purchased the goods on high rates.

Another participant from surrounding of federal capital, Noureen said she had brought some biscuits and sweets to share with her friends but these were not enough and we purchased mineral water and some other eatables from vendors.

She said the vendors were selling bottle of mineral water at high rates but we need to buy to quench the thrust. Moreover, as part of security measures for long march of Tehrik-e-Minhajul Quran (TMQ), mobile phone users in the capital also bore a brunch due to time by time suspension of service. “I am sure mobile phone users must have considered the loss of money they bear due to suspension of cellular service, a practice that has become a norm in Pakistan now,” a subscriber Muhammad Shahbaz said on Tuesday.

He said he is not talking about the trouble people go through or bear loss in business or otherwise in daily life due to suspension of mobile services, but the loss of money that is deducted in advance under the head of “Daily Charges” by mobile phone companies on various services that the subscribers cannot use during service suspensions.

Another subscriber gave examples of such advance charges which he informed are: line rent for postpaid users, daily charges for various voice packages while there are some packages that come with daily rentals.

These include daily charges for SMS, MMS packages, daily charges for mobile Internet bundles, daily charges on various VAS, such as dialling tunes, missed call alerts and others.

Daily charges for SMS and mobile Internet bundles are valid for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

When contacted, a Telecom Expert, working in a private company said that a notable number of customers avail SMS, MMS, mobile Internet and voice bundles and not to mention, various value added services (VAS) with daily charges are also enabled (at times by operators without customers consent) for majority of mobile phone users. Hence the number of impacted customers can go in millions.

“We all know that the service is suspended to ensure security for people but at the same time the regulator and service providers should keep in mind the monetary loss bearing the subscribers,” the expert said.