KARACHI - The leaders of the political parties have shown mix reaction over the verdict of Supreme Court to arrest Prime Minister Raja Pervez Asharraf in rental power scam.The leaders of the opposition parties have welcomed the verdict and demanded immediate implementation on the orders of the Supreme Court, however, the ruling allies and PPP ministers expressed reservations and differed with the verdict.Supporting the verdict, Chairman of Sindh Save Committee and chief of Sindh United Party Jalal Mehmood Shah welcomed the Supreme Court’s verdict to arrest the Prime Minister and said that the verdict had proved the supremacy of law.Shah recalled that he had already opposed the nomination of Raja Pervez Ashraf and advised the ruling party not to choose any person who is under investigation in corruption case. He said that PPP had chosen the Raja Pervez Asharraf deliberately and suffered the set back. He demanded that government should implement the Supreme Court’s verdict in letter and spirit.Awami Tehreek Chief Ayaz Latif Palijo also supported the verdict of the Supreme Court and demanded the government to announce the schedule of next general elections immediately.The nationalist leader demanded the government to implement the Supreme Court’s verdict and form a neutral caretaker government immediately. Meanwhile, ANP Sindh Chief Senator Shahi Syed in his statement has supported the views of ruling PPP, vowing that government can’t be changed through gathering few thousands of people. “We are the ally of the government and will continue supporting it.”Meanwhile, PPP ministers in a joint statement said that they had reservations over the verdict of the Supreme Court. They condemned Tahirul Qadri over his unlawful demands, terming that Qadri has come up with unholy agenda of postponing the elections but political forces will foiled his plot.PPP ministers said that Tahirul Qadri’s long march was a continuity of the conspiracies being hatched from time to time against the elected government of PPP.    Meanwhile, the civil society organisations in a statement issued here on Tuesday said that timing of long march and Supreme Court’s verdict was dubious.They said that they believed in continuity and strengthening of democratic system and called upon all political parties to realise their stake and that of the people of Pakistan in salvaging the idea of a democratic state out of all this chaos because any derailment of the democratic system at this juncture will imperil Pakistan’s integrity and undermine the prospects of the future generations. Civil society organisations said that political parties must join hands and agree on holding the general elections as soon as possible, which could perhaps help the people find their way out of the mess for which no party seems free of blame.JI WELCOMES SC VERDICT: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) has welcomed the Supreme Court verdict regarding the arrest of Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf in rental power case.JI Karachi chief Hussain Mehanti while addressing a press conference at Idara Noor-e-Haq on Tuesday hailed the SC verdict and demanded immediate implementation over the said decision in its true spirit.He urged that the Army should restrict itself to the constitutional responsibilities and should refrain from taking any unconstitutional step to keep larger interest of the nation in the fore front.The JI leader termed the SC verdict ‘reflection of the sentiments of the people’ and said that impartial probe should be initiated against all those persons who are involved in corruption cases. He further added the government has badly failed to deliver while it has also provided poverty, unemployment and inflation to the citizens of the country.Apart from this, Mehanti said the target killing incidents had been on the rise. “Sindh governor and the chief minister are responsible of carrying target killing incidents in the City,” he added.If the SC gave clear verdict over Karachi unrest case then the perpetrators and culprits could be unveiled, he added.Mahenti reiterated that the process of voters’ verification has once again been hijacked by ‘thappa mafia’ adding the said process is an obstacle in the way of transparent elections.JI Karachi General Secretary Naseem Siddiqui, Barjees Ahmed, Raja Arif Sultan, Zahid Askari and others were also present on the occasion.