SADIQABAD - Majlis Ahrar-i-Islam leader Syed Ataul Momin Bokhar held the present rulers for the “Save State and not the Politics” slogan and long march of Allama Tahirul Qadri.

During his visit to Sadiqabad, the religious scholar and leader of the Ahrars said that during the past five years, the government did nothing except, devising flawed policies, hurting Islamic Ideology of Pakistan, ruining the nation morally and economically, leading the country to bankruptcy through corruption, causing harm to national integrity and making the country slaughterhouse of the human being for giving her in the US slavery.

He said that the government was looking for excuses to delay the general elections. Because of bloodshed in Karachi and Balochistan, every citizen of the country is feeling insecurity of wealth, property and honour.

He said that the government has snatched from the people their right to live through loadshedding of gas and electricity, closure of industrial units, unemployment, and fake “Roti, Kapraa, and Makaan” slogan during the five-year tenure of the government. He said that enforcement of Islamic principles is necessary to save the state. He also stressed the need for unity of all the patriotic and religious powers. All the religious organisations and personalities should rid the nation of the US slavery. On the occasion, Muhammad Ameer Muavia, Basharat Ali Ahrar, Ali Ahmad, Ghulam Mustafa, Ismaeel, M Arshad and Qadir Bakhsh were also present.

PTI aims to root out corruption: PTI Punjab leader Shafiq Haider Leghari said that his party chief Imran Khan was working to rid the nation of the rulers who are looting the country, and added that the PTI chief was not pursuing any foreign or anti-Pakistan agenda.

Leghari, who is also PTI candidate for PA-297, a constituency for the Punjab Assembly seat, said that his party would utilised all the resources for the integrity and development of the country. He said that the future of the national youth is bright. It was the national youth, he said, who under the leadership of Imran Khan would lay the foundation stone of prosperous Pakistan. The nation will have to rise above the ethnic differences for the national interest. “The PTI leadership is not working for coming to power rather for riding the 180 million people of corruption mafia. For elimination of dearness, unemployment and corruption, the people will have to vote for the PTI candidates in the forthcoming general elections,” he said.