LAHORE - The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) has once again rejected Tahirul Qadri’s long march and announced its support to independence judiciary and democracy, vowing to resist any attempt to ambush democracy in the garb of long march. Addressing a press conference at the Supreme Court Lahore Registry, Bar Secretary Raja Javed Iqbal said Qadri was misleading the innocent people and wanted to wrap up democracy in the name of long march.

“Qadri should go through the constitution first. The tenure of parliament and the way to dissolve it is written in the constitution,” the secretary pointed out, terming the demand of suspending parliament unconstitutional. He said if Qadri wanted a change he should adopt the way of election. He said parliament was going to complete its tenure and sit-in at this stage was tantamount to derailing democracy. Raja appealed to all stakeholders to create friendly atmosphere for immediate free and fair elections and later for peaceful transfer of power to the elected representatives of the people. Responding to a query, he said lawyers’ long march was not against any constitutional act but it was launched against breakers of the Constitution.