ISLAMABAD - Welcoming the Supreme Court decision of Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf’s arrest in RPPs case, Dr Tahirul Qadri repeatedly sought pledge from the participants of his long march to continue their sit-in till the fulfilment of their reforms agenda.In what he termed as the maiden address after the launching of revolution on completion of the march, Tehreek Minhajul Quran (TMQ) chief said on Tuesday that issuance of PM’s arrest orders by the apex court has completed half of the job while the rest would be accomplished by today (Wednesday).“I will address again tomorrow if need be. May be we won’t need to stay here tomorrow,” he remarked and asked the participants and the nation to bow before God and celebrate this ‘success’. The charged protesters took no time to follow his call and bowed down on the road.“There might be no need of third day if you continued supporting me,” he told the demonstrators, who stormed Islamabad on Monday marching all the way from Lahore and other cities. The Jinnah Avenue echoed with ‘Supreme Court Zindabad, Chief Justice Zindabad’ after Qadri’s announcement about the PM.Dr Qadri in sobbing voice said that he would stay in Islamabad till achieving the objectives and vowed to force the “usurpers” to quit power to be replaced by an honest leadership. “I have no (personal) enmity with Zardari, Nawaz, Asfandyar and others as I am only raising the issues of the poor,” he maintained.Advising the participants to remain peaceful, Qadri said that emotionally charged crowd could have run over Parliament had he given a signal to them but quickly added that they believed in constitution and democracy and wanted to bring change through constitutional means.Unveiling his proposed agenda, Qadri said the last point of his seven-point agenda is dissolution of assemblies. However, he assured they don’t want to derail the democracy. “Millions of people have gathered here for real democracy in the country. You better dissolve assemblies; otherwise, protesters are increasing and eventually you will have to take this step,” he demanded.Qadri said his first point is to get ‘peace at home and abroad’. He said due to the incompetence of the political leadership, a national policy against terrorism could not be constituted. “We never want miscreants with tattoos to be arrested from the country,” he said, adding that some ministers who also have tattoos on their bodies might be promoters of terrorists.The TMQ leader said 70 percent MPs do not pay tax. “We do not want to see those in the parliament who have made billions from corruption,” he said. “Present parliament is not democratic and priorities of the parliamentarians are loot and corruption... Pakistan’s democracy is full of Tauqeer Sadiqs.”Dr Tahirul Qadri said they want reforms in electoral system, full implementation of constitution, and change in the system. Strongly criticising PPP and PML-N, he said they have forgotten their history of meeting army at night but he met them in daylight. He also challenged the government to find out who was behind his campaign. “All your assumptions have proved wrong... Let me inform you I have strong support of Allah; I have support of the nation,” he added.Agencies add: Police earlier in the day clashed with stone throwers and protesters brandishing sticks, shooting into the air and firing teargas. Demonstrators smashed vehicle windows and reached the edge of the heavily fortified Red Zone, which houses parliament and Western embassies that were closed on Tuesday. Eight police were hurt in the clashes, a Federal Government Services Hospital spokesman said. But organisers of the rally accused police of opening fire, of attempting to arrest Qadri and of trying to provoke them into violence.