The manner in which late Chaudhry Aslam, the CID Karachi chief, fought the terrorists killing scores of them to protect the lives and properties of the Karachites will remain a historical example of his golden attributes of courage, bravery and patriotism. Although martyrdom is a great honor for the family and the nation, the persons who put their life at stake to save others and relentlessly fight to bring peace and harmony in the country are rarely found. With his pronouncement that he will not rest till the elimination of terrorists from the area he won the hearts of the people of Karachi. For his fearless anti-Taliban operations in the city the terrorists started considering him as their biggest enemy and declared him to be their ‘prime target’. Chaudhry Aslam has set the bar high for all those who call themselves patriots and also left behind for the future warriors, the supreme example of devotion to duty, dedication, unflinching determination, courage, bravery, love for his nation and above all the highest level of patriotism. May God Almighty bless his noble soul and place him on the highest pedestal in the heavens


Lahore, January 13.