After 66 years, Pakistan is a more fragmented society and the schism is so intense that if immediate corrective steps are not taken, God forbid, this country may see even more turbulent times. The decadence and corruption that is prevalent in all sectors of Pakistan is evident. Maybe, we have one last chance to curtail the rot, to unite the people and to give them a prescription to rise again and rebuild the nation from the ashes; because for the overwhelming majority a time is coming that the masses may be forced to think: ‘no life no nation’. The current framework, under which the country is being run will not take Pakistan forward, even if it is allowed to continue as such, for another 100 years. All small and big nations in our region and the world have overtaken us, in the basic fields of health, education, justice, law and order and food security.

All stakeholders must wake up now as the nation is moving towards complete destruction and business as usual can do no good for Pakistan; our survival is directly linked with the existence of our nationhood. Pakistan needs a turnaround for which the basic need is our adaptation and readiness for change, not in cosmetic but in the real sense. We need a complete change from one era to another, like the one, witnessed by China, under Mao Zedong, or in Turkey by Mustafa Kamal Ataturk.

I would like to suggest that we formulate a new social contract, for the common people of Pakistan, who always pay 100 percent bills and taxes and never default on their bank loans. Let us make a new Pakistan, which is redesigned to practically cater to the needs of the exploited masses. Changes must be made in the constitution, to make it a presidential form of government. Our election system should also be changed, so that the whole country directly votes for the president. However, before voting, the candidates of all political parties for presidential post, must notify a list of their MPAs, MNAs and Senators, who will be automatically considered elected, according to the percentage of votes cast, in favour of the main candidate for the top post of the country.

The decision for Pakistan’s charter of development for building dams and mega projects for the next 50 years should also be finalized, on which, later on, no politics should be allowed. In other words, the representatives of the nation should decide now, where they would like to see Pakistan, in each and every field of life after 50 years. This plan should be further divided into ten five years plans.

In order to decentralize and empower the maximum number of people, to enjoy the fruits of self-rule, we should convert every division of Pakistan into a province. In fact it will work wonders in the speedy development and unity of Pakistan; and kill instantly any secessionist or separatist activities, currently prevailing in some parts of the country.


Lahore, January12.