LAHORE - Despite repeated requests and warnings of the Railways minister, the Business Train management has not cleared outstanding dues of the department.

The private investor has to pay around Rs390 million of the public utility but it sticks to its stance that dues are not liable to pay as per the agreement. 

Sources said that the outstanding amount reached to the level following favour to the management of Pak Business Express from the former PPP-led government when it failed to pay Rs3.1 million a day settled as per agreement between the Railways and Four Brothers (the private investor) at 88 per cent seat occupancy. Following many ups and downs between the two parties, the matter was at last sent to the ECC, and the management succeeded to reduce the occupancy rate to 65 per cent which led decrease in daily payment from Rs3.1million to Rs2.1 million.

Meanwhile, the amount which reached at around Rs400 million by the time the ECC made decision, Pakistan Railways is not willing to give up as the committee did not clearly mentioned from when the revision in seat occupancy rate would come into applicable.

Railways minister Khawaja Saad Rafique, after taking charge, has repeatedly expressed his stance that the Business Train management has to pay every penny of the department but could not succeeded to settle the matter.

Pak Business Express management, on the other side, claimed that there were not any outstanding dues towards them instead the PR has to pay Rs110 million in terms of repairing coaches and for fuel purchase.