LAHORE - The civil society activists and organizations organised a vigil on Wednesday at chairing cross, The Mall to pay tributes to Aitzaz Hassan and SP, CID Ch Aslam for sacrificing their lives to save the lives of other country men.

Young Aitzaz gave his life to saving his school mates from a terrorist attack while Ch Aslam did the same in the line of duty fighting against terrorists.

Speaking on the occasion, civil society representatives said that Aitzaz was a real hero of the nation who confronted a terrorist knowing full well that he could kill him. He stopped the terrorists with out any fear to keep him away from his class fellows, they said. 

Paying rich tribute to Ch Aslam for sacrificing his life for a noble cause, the civil society network President Abdullah Malik said that the death of the valiant police officer was a great loss for the nation “Only a soldier like Ch Aslam can understand what it means to die fighting for the country”, he said, adding his heroic death should infuse a new resolve in all stake holders who should ensure that Karachi was no more a safe heaven for the terrorists.

The participants of the vigil criticized the government for its policy of holding dialogue with terrorists who were openly killing the citizens without any regard for humanity. They also raised slogans against terrorism and Taliban

A good number of civil society activists including Fawad Chaudhry, Amna Ulfat, Salman Abid, Iftikhar Shahid, Tamkeen Abid, Dr.Sohail Zafar, Samson Salamat and many others attend the event.