PESHAWAR - Provincial chief of Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) Mukhtiar Khan Yousafzai has warned the government against construction of Kalabagh Dam, saying if someone tried to build it then it would not prove well for the country’s integrity.

He was addressing a public gathering on Wednesday at the Ghundi Shahbaz Khan. Yousafzai said that except Tarbela Dam no dam was acceptable to them. He claimed that through this way Punjab wants to get control over the water share of Paskhtun nation.

He also criticised the committee formed by the Chief Minister Pervez Khattak for Hazara province and termed it a shameful act. He said that they want to keep the Pakhtun nation united and the CM is trying to divide it.

He vowed to foil all conspiracies being hatched to construct the Kalabagh Dam and the creation of Hazara province. Yousafzai alleged that Punjab was usurping the rights of small provinces and claimed that the people of Balochistan had started struggle for their rights.

He said that all nations had given votes to their nationalist parties, citing Punjabies had cast votes in favour of Muslim League (PML-N), Sindhies People’s Party, Urdu speakers MQM and Balochies Baloch national parties but only PaKhtuns did not cast votes in favour of nationalist parties in the last general election. He said that Pakhtuns have been divided in different political parties, saying due to this division their mosques and seminaries were not secured. He said that so far 50,000 Pakhtuns have been martyred in the war on terror.

Yousafzai held the past MMA government responsible for the killing of innocent Pakhtuns. He said that the oil and gas reserves had been explored on the soil of Karak and billions of rupees revenues was going to the national exchequer from the resources but the local people were deprived of it and Punjab was using it. He demanded that the gas should be provided to the nook and corner of the district and added that the oil refinery should also be established in Karak instead of any other part of the country.