LAHORE - The Punjab government on Wednesday approved ten development schemes with an estimated cost of Rs12.16 billion.

These schemes were approved in the 25th meeting of Provincial Development working Party of current fiscal year 2013-14 presided over by the Punjab Planning and Development Board Chairman, Muhammad Irfan Elahi, says P&D Spokesman.

The approved development schemes included:  Chief Minister’s Ujaala Programme (2012-13) (Revised) at the cost of Rs. 356.954 million, Construction of Parking Plaza at Hassan Chowk, Gujrat at the cost of Rs. 226.949 million, Rehabilitation / Improvement of Raiwind-Manga Road Lahore length=12 km, District Lahore at the cost of Rs. 889.443 million, Rehabilitation / Improvement of Sunder-Raiwind Road Lahore, length=10.66 km, District Lahore at the cost of Rs. 943.995 million, Construction of Dual Carriageway from Gurat to Salam Interchange (Motorway) through Mandi Bahauddin (Section km 27.90 to 124.30=96.40 kms) District M.B. Din at the cost of Rs. 5771.478 million, Widening / Improvement of Lahore Jaranwala Faisalabad Jhang Bhakkar Darya Khan Art-3 Road from km No.271.82 to 379.64 length 107.82 km in District Bhakkar at the cost of Rs. 1882.358 million, Widening / Improvement of Mianwali Muzaffargarh Road from km # 228.30 to 278.36 length 50.06 km (Section Chowk Sarwar Shaheed to T.P Link Canal & T.P Link Canal to Muzaffargarh) at the cost of Rs. 1032.573 million, Widening / Improvement of road from Rajanpur to Haji Pur length=28.02 Km In District Rajanpur (Revised) at the cost of Rs. 203.092 million, Construction of road on Empress Bund from National Highway N-5 (km No. 844) near Highway Bridge over River Sutlej towards Lashkar Di Goth in km No.6 of Jhangi Wala road in District Bahawalpur (length=9.30 km) (4th Revised) at the cost of Rs. 590.124 million and  Augmentation of water supply scheme Sargodha based on canal water supply at the cost of Rs. 265.114 million.