This has reference to the news published in a daily English newspaper ‘Corruption in BISP. I would like to say that BISP was craftily conceived by the PPP Government to loot the national exchequer under the cover of support of low income groups. The program was run as a ‘Private Enterprise’ by some close friends of ex-President Zardari. There should be a probe into the mismanagement and corruption in BISP which is long overdue. Would the cronies of former Chairperson allow this process to proceed at all in our country where everything is controlled by a few powerful corrupt people?. Though NAB has expertise but it has also become a porous organization, as recently reported in the media. However, they should be given a chance. I think for an impartial investigation, key players including the Secretary BISP should be removed immediately so that the record are not tempered with. For once someone should stand up as an honest person and take these thieves and scoundrels to task, or will we continue to see the rape of our national wealth, at the hand of a few, and keep quiet?


Islamabad, January12.