While inaugurating the Youth loan Scheme, Nawaz Sharif said that his government has delivered on the promise made during elections. The government may have the best intentions in introducing this scheme which seems to be the brain child of some rich bureaucrat but the scheme is doomed to fail like the past schemes of PML-N governments. We cannot become a party in this loot and plunder.

It is evident from the appointment of Maryam Nawaz as its Chairman that this is a reflection of nepotism that PML-N has always displayed. Can anyone ask the great Prime Minister what credentials and experience does she have in running the administration of this project apart from being his daughter! The government should have kept some appearances. The transparency of the process has been compromised. The loan process has clauses that are almost impossible for anyone in the lower middle class to meet.

I also believe that there is no point in giving loans to youth without any skills or any trade experience. Training and honing of professional skills is extremely important to run a successful enterprise. It is not easy to establish a small business or flourishing trade without experience. Even cattle raising and sheep farming are difficult to manage. The scheme has been ill-conceived like all other previous misadventures of Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif governments. The glaring examples were the Yellow Cab, Danish Schools, Ashiana and Sasti Roti Schemes which were unsustainable. Who can deny the colossal waste of money, corruption and irregularities in these schemes. Taxpayer’s money was misused to promote and publicize the two brothers!

If the Sharif brothers had thought that this was a good scheme why did they not invest their own personal wealth, which is large, for the betterment of the country. Instead of introducing such schemes the government should provide and create employment opportunities for the young. Money saved from these schemes can be utilized on better prospects, and developmental projects. We are not against welfare schemes, but certainly against such ill-conceived schemes and colossal waste of financial resources.


Lahore, January 13.