In this advancing world, among so many tough hearted and egoistic individuals, we have some flowers which blossom this world everyday with their purity and innocence. Kids, being only 27% of the World’s population can extinguish the fire of hatred growing in the world, with their beautiful smiles.

But this cruel world has snatched so many charming smiles from the innocent faces. When these little hands are supposed to play with toys and color pencils, we entrusted them with heavy loads, rubbish sack bags and a responsibility to earn.

We live in the world where around 168 million children are being subjected to child labor which makes up to 11% of the total children population. Most of these little souls do not even receive proper care and nutrition, education is still a fancy thing.

According to a report by International Labor Organization (ILO), Africa has the largest number of child labors with over 59 million children belonging to the age of 5-14 years. As per the list given out by Maplecroft, top 10 countries with the largest number of child labors include Pakistan , Afghanistan, North Korea, Sudan, DR Congo, Somalia, Ethiopia, Burundi and Zimbabwe. Around 60% of these young labors work in the agricultural fields.

Efforts are being made in returning the smiles to the beautiful faces once again. Many national and international organizations are working hand to hand to eradicate this curse from the World, as a result of which the number of child labors across has declined from 200 million to 168 billion after 2000.


Islamabad, December 7.