The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has implicated Hammad Arshad and Kamran Kiyani in what for years, has been the subject of armchair discussions in and around Lahore; the money embezzled through Defence Housing Authority in 2009. While NAB claims that revenues worth Rs 16 billion went missing without trace, those affected by the false land-allotment claim that the actual figure is closer to Rs 30 billion. Hammad Arshad is already under physical remand, but Kamran Kiyani seems to have disappeared before NAB had him in its crosshairs, which has led it to consider asking Interpol to assist in locating him.

Ex-army chief Parvez Kiyani and the rest of his brothers have distanced him from the scandal. They claim that he had nothing to do with the incident. It is too early to tell whether or not he was involved, but the fact remains that someone from the army was involved – it is naïve to assume that the contracts just happened to be handed over to Globaco and Elysium Holdings, the firms of both suspects in the case – without the knowledge of someone from the army.

The Army to its credit has at least stopped employing its age-old policy of publicly intervening whenever a civilian institution dares challenge what the establishment perceives to be its supreme authority. Pervez Musharraf has received no support from the army since his trial began in 2013. This might also be why he has finally started implicating others, including Parvez Kiyani in his treason case. COAS Raheel Sharif issued a statement that the investigation should continue and all those behind this scam should be brought to justice. The interesting thing to note will be whether the army sticks to its stance if some of its old leaders are also implicated in this one. It must be remembered however, that ex-Army Chief Parvez Kayani has not been implicated in this case, and it would be ill-advised to accuse anyone purely on the basis of

who they are related to.

This is good work on part of NAB, but there is still more to be done. State institutions, from the executive to the legislative are inherently corrupt. The case will only be complete once all links have been unearthed; Kamran Kiyani and Hammad Arshad obviously had someone on the inside. If it was not the ex-army chief then who was it? Development schemes have been used to mint obscene amounts of money in a plethora of other cases as well. The arms of state are consistently used by those at the head to make monetary gains out of positions with power. Only NAB can put a stop to this. Let’s hope that this is merely a taste of things to come.