History has been nice to those who write it. We write our history as per our whims. Of course this results in confused generations but the old don’t care for the young, at least, not as much as they should.

We are confused about our enemies. The religious fundamentalists are our enemies. They insist on change but the change comes at the expense of the country. They want to rule while insisting to crush those they want to rule. Crush is misleading. Let’s say it as it is: massacre.

We are confused still on who this religious fundamentalist is. Some befuddle the otherwise clear picture infront of us with the jihadist mantra. They’re Jihadists, it is insisted. They’re fighting a noble war. What is nobler than fighting say, the worst of the worst; the Indians?

Most in the country believe that the Kashmiri Jihadists, shielded as Mujahids, are pursuing the noblest of all causes. Their fight makes sense to the majority. To those it doesn’t, their views don’t really matter in the hard world of Pakistani worldvision.

The Mujahids have done it again. The United Jehad Council claimed responsibility of the Pathankot attack. Their national highway squad conducted the noble act of causing harm to the base. With this they also wounded the peace process between the two countries. That however is a story for another day.

The Jaish-e-Mohammad founder Maulana Masood Azher was found to be the master mind of the attack. The Indian intelligence also found his brother Abdul Rauf Asghar involved in the handling of the attackers. Two other men, Ashfaq Ahmed and Kashim Jaan as fellow handlers. Besides these details, Pakistan has also been handed the medical reports of the attackers. The examiners found traces of Neuro Bedoxine and Dicloran in their blood. Apparently, the two drugs are Pakistani made and hence prove the attackers’ Pakistani affiliation.

The intelligence by now would also have recordings of the conversations between the handlers and the attacker’s. Much like the conversations between Kasab and company and their handlers, there would be many inshallahs and mashallahs. Shame on them for blaming Allah for their sins.

Modi has asked Nawaz to walk the walk if he is talking the talk. If you want peace, prove it. Nawaz Sharif seems to be doing just that. First he called a high level meeting with the powers that be to use the information provided and at least act as if they‘re attempting to bring the accused to justice. The powers acted. Surprisingly so. Within days, the Jaish-e-Mohammad network was tracked and fractured. The founder too is said to have been arrested. Besides other arrests, the authorities also arrested a student from various universities. The last mentioned arrest deserves a special mention as it is a reminder of how deep the fundamentalist roots go. No one is safe from this tumour that is religious adventurism. That’s the thing with people who find spiritual fervour in barbaric notions of anarchy and sacrifice.

Let’s go back to the United Jihad Council. It is truly commendable and (as already insisted so) surprising that the local actors have been arrested. The first question that comes in mind is whether this exercise is but in vain? After all, we have examples of the likes of Mualana Abdul Aziz, the burka clad mullah. There has been efforts by the social activist, Muhammad Jibran Nasir, to provide information to the interior minister, which could help build a case against the mullah. This, sadly so, is a futile practice. Nothing will come out of this no matter how furious the social media persona of the nation becomes. Some criminals are above the law. They simply are.

Which pushes one to wonder if Maulana Masood Azher too is made of the same holy ingredients. Once the investigation starts, the obvious next step would be determining the relationship between the Maulana and the Jihadists. Would the Pakistani armed forces allow that? If history is a reminder, no. Nawaz Sharif already rattled the cage when he insisted autonomy in foreign policy back in 2014. The Azadi march ensued. Sharif was reminded of who really ruled and retreated.

And now? Would Sharif still attempt to annihilate the jihadist network once and for all? If so, how would he manage to do this without tainting some holy uniforms who, after all, are the hands in the glove? This is why, a cynic such as myself, believes that the arrests will not result in much. If anything, the accused Maulana has just been granted protection. The Indians will never really get their hands on him now. He will not reveal the secrets.

All that said, it is for time to tell how things turn out. India should be pleased at the attempts by the Pakistani polity to eliminate elements that have been harming the geography since the countries came into being. The final answer to these woes is (and has to be) a political decision. However, the question of Kashmir makes it murky. The polity of both the nations is in a murky, murky situation.