A few days ago, chief minister of Punjab ordered the traffic police to enforce traffic rules on the roads stringently. But what does one do when traffic sergeants, are beaten up by VIPs for doing their duty? Reportedly, the son and the gunman of MPA Shaukat Manzoor Cheema beat up a traffic warden on duty when he stopped the car for violating one-way traffic rule. As the good son thrashed the warden, his illustrious father, the lawmaker, was in the car. Warden Nauman Wattoo was only doing the duty he is paid for. He, unfortunately, forgot to about the basic rule of performing his duty: a minion should never check a VIP. MPA Shaukat Cheema’s son who is under the training of his father may soon be a lawmaker. This heavy indulgence in a VIP culture is a plague to the society. CM of Punjab, please protect the traffic wardens who do their duties honestly.


Lahore, December 8.