Urdu is our national language and is spoken throughout the country. It is also one of the unique languages which have been progressing after passing through an evolutionary process attaining the status of a vibrant living language. But, unfortunately, it is dishearting to mention that our national language is neglected while the English language is given much importance. Despite being the custodian of a rich culture and having a vibrant living language, we behave like a dead society giving a secondary position to Urdu and take pride in speaking English, taking it as a symbol of prestige; but in fact it a matter of shame.  

We prefer to send our children to English medium schools and like them converse in English. National honour demands to popularise Urdu in our homes, schools, offices and above all in our interaction with foreign dignitaries by our leaders. The Urdu language is essential for the development of the country and its economy. It is also our responsibility to patronize our national language which is our lingua franca and represents our identity at the international interactions. I request to the government to give the Urdu language its due as it is also enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan. 


Kech, December 31.