Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed the confidence that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project will usher in a new era of progress and development in Balochistan.

While talking to the participants of National Security Workshop Balochistan, in Islamabad, the premier regretted that in the past, Balochistan was neglected by both the federal and provincial governments. He said the province is rich in natural resources and its resources can uplift the entire country.

Further, he said that there is need of skill development in Balochistan. We are seeking assistance from China for skill development. He said several proposals are under consideration to address the issue of water shortage in the province.

PM Khan said that quota of Balochistan in jobs will be ensured. He said prudent use of development funds will also be ensured by introducing new local government system and empowering the people at grass roots level.

Imran Khan added that Shaukat Khanum hospital in cooperation with Balochistan government and Pakistan Army is making efforts for provision of cancer treatment in the province. He said we are fully in contact with Balochistan Chief Minister who fully understands the problems of the province.

Participants of the National Security Workshop apprised PM about the problems faced by the people of Balochistan province.

PM Khan said that the present government has given the vision of Naya Pakistan. He said we have increased the higher education budget. Education and technical training is important for the development of the country.

He asserted that special steps have been taken for economic stability and development of the country and these have started producing results. Exports are increasing and imports are on the decline. He said special emphasis is being given to increase remittances through legal channels. Investment is also increasing.

Moreover, Imran Khan said the project of constructing five million houses is the biggest project of the present government. He said this project will speed up the process of economic development and create job opportunities for the youth. He said this project will prove to be a milestone in addressing the shortage of houses.

Alluding to the political situation, he said no society can make progress without rule of law and its equal application. However, today there is a commotion in the National Assembly that the democracy is in danger because of accountability. He said it is responsibility of a political leader to respond to allegations levelled against him. Unlike the dictatorship, a leader is accountable in democracy. He said the major reason behind the hue and cry in the National Assembly is how someone dared to hold them accountable. He said Pakistan is faced with multiple problems today because it was not taken forward as per the vision of its creation.