LAHORE - Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid has directed starting special research initiatives on health indictors in South Punjab.  Chairing syndicate meeting of the Nishtar Medical University Multan on Wednesday, she said: “Proper research is the cornerstone of evidence-based policy making. The development indicators in South Punjab need improvement. In order to introduce meaningful development, we need good quality research in under developed areas so that we are able to introduce targeted interventions and bring visible improvement.”  Also present at the meeting were Vice Chancellor Prof Mustafa Kamal Pasha, syndicate as well as faculty members of the University.  The Minister approved different agenda items including hiring for new human resource, working paper for positions till grade 15 and opening of new bank account. She visited the site of Nishtar-II Project. The Nishtar-II Project will help reduce burden at the existing facilities.  Later, talking to media, the Minister said that final medical reports on Nawaz Sharif current health status were still awaited. “Once the Home Department shares them with us, the Medical Board will make a technical evaluation of the same. We have been very open about the health status of the former prime minister. He was allowed to travel abroad on humanitarian grounds and now we have seen visuals of him visiting restaurants. If his condition has improved, he must come back to the country,” she added.