Globalization promotes a noteworthy part in raising the living standards of People. Today’s world is economically considered as global village. Globalization is the outcome of the technology advancement, advancement of transportation and modes of communication around the world. It the evaluation of the economies that are developing, growing political and advancement in technology and it is considered as the linkage of businesses individuals and communities around the world.

Globalization is considered as a little influential for the economy it comprises of other factor which are government policies. Pakistan achieved the major economical growing rate of 7.5% from the period 2005-2007. The major reason behind is that there is sudden decrease in the amount if the foreign debts so there is no need to depend on the aids of foreign. Policies of trade become more precise and export level increase to the sustainable level. Amount of export going upward to 17 billion us dollars which become the attraction for the foreign investment and that cause increase in 3 billion amount increase in foreign investment. Globalization is connected to the openness of trade, openness of trade increase when transportation follow the decreasing Rate.

Also connected with the rate of inflation, follow with policies of foreign exchange, rates of tariffs comprises of import and export. Trade agreements and the most important infrastructure of trade. Decrease in trade restriction can generate more revenue and make the way the economy to move towards the betterment of the economy. Due to that globalization is considered beneficial for the economy because these are all because of the major benefit cause by globalization. Which lead to better living standards

As the steady rate of growing of the globalization is considered as the good sign for the prosperity of people in Pakistan. Pakistan is now going upward in the list of technology advancement, increasing in the rate of high skill improvement, high productivity matters and liberalization of trade raising living standards of people at constant rate.