KARACHI        -       Pakistan Coast Guards (PCG) seized 45,740 liters diesel, 18270 kilograms Betel Nuts, trucks and other contraband items having worth of around Rs 82.64 millions at Naka Khari check post on RCD Highway near Windar (Balochistan). The PCG officials recovered 45,740 liters of diesel, Betel Nuts and other contraband items from different trucks which were coming from Balochistan to Karachi, said PCG’s spokesman on Wednesday.

The PCG officials also seized many 16-number tyres of mini-truck, 300 kilograms mix cloth,14 bags of Citric Acid, five drums of Menthol, 120 dozen packets of famous brand of beauty creams, 22 bags of China salt, 120 dozens soap, 164 dozens padlock, 20,000 kilograms Garlic and 285 packets of Naswar from different vehicles during routine patrolling and checking on RCD Highway near Windar (Balochistan). The PCG officials have impounded the trucks and arrested two suspects while initiated further probe and legal proceedings.