ISLAMABAD - "We have mistreated our heroes in the past and now the government wants to punish Dr AQ Khan after disgracing him for years", lawyer of the country's top nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Tuesday told Islamabad High Court (IHC). Barrister Iqbal Jaffery, the counsel of Dr Khan, stated this while reacting to a government reply in the court on the issue of his client's detention, seeking tight restrictions on father of Pakistan's nuclear programme in response to a court challenge by his wife demanding immediate release of her husband from house arrest. "The reply filed by the government is a pack of lies, false and irresponsible," Barrister Jaffery stated before a single bench of IHC headed by Chief Justice Sardar Muhammad Aslam who is seized with the matter under Article 199 of the Constitution through a habeas corpus petition filed by Mrs Honey Khan, wife of the detained top scientist. The government's statement is "defamatory and insulting", Barrister Jaffery further lambasted the response submitted by government lawyers, Raja Abdul Rehman and Ahmar Bilal Sufi. Earlier, Deputy Attorney General (DAG) submitted a statement in IHC on the issue of Dr Khan saying, "The government does not accept meeting of friends and well-wishers with Dr AQ Khan after his irresponsible statements implicating institutions of the state". "Pakistan could suffer "sanctions and threats" from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the UN Security Council as a result of Khan's comments", the federal government expressed fear in the statement. "Anti-state elements in the garb of friends and well-wishers may want to maneuver to access him to extricate highly secret and confidential information," it further stated. Khan's lawyer pointed out that the statement of federal government was not only evasive but it also lacks the authenticity as not being supported by an affidavit. Barrister Jaffery also stated that authorities had been continuously changing their stance on Khan's issue after insisting for years that he was not under detention. As both sides were trading serious charges during the hearing, Chief Justice IHC Justice Sardar Muhammad Aslam asked lawyers from both petitioner and respondent's side to sit together and find an amicable solution to allow Dr AQ Khan for moving and speaking freely except discussing nuclear proliferation issue. Ahmar Bilal Sufi Advocate stated that Pakistan had been resisting immense international pressure to prosecute Khan for nuclear proliferation. "The state is facing a difficult situation but at the same time it does not remain oblivious of its duty to provide security and protection to the scientist," Sufi also claimed. After the instruction of Chief Justice IHC, both sides agreed on holding a meeting in a bid to find a way out of the issue without entering into further litigation and come back to court. The court of Chief Justice Sardar Muhammad Aslam will today (Wednesday) continue hearing of Dr Khan's issue on the petition of his Dutch born wife, Mrs Honey Khan.