Although it is a cardinal principle of the UN Charter that no country shall interfere in the internal affairs of a member state, yet President Bush keeps flouting this principal with impunity. The invasion and occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan are two recent examples of this naked aggression by the sole super power. Now some other Muslim countries are also being threatened with dire consequences if they do not surrender to the US dictation. Warnings keep coming for Pakistan that it must do more to engage militants in the tribal areas and that any negotiations with them will have an unhappy end. NATO forces often fire missiles targeting their 'enemy' inside Pakistan territory. If the government continues to react slavishly to these US incursions, we arc likely to witness even more hostile acts in future. President Bush has no qualms about brazenly meddling in our political affairs as well. Only the other day, Pakistan was advised by a US Assistant Secretary to focus less on President Musharraf and more on other key problems. While Bush claims himself to be an ardent champion of democracy, he continues to support the undemocratic rule of kings, sheikhs and dictators so long as they play to his tune. -FAROOQ ZAMAN, Lahore, July 14.